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For the last two weeks, I’ve either been editing Senior Portraits or I’ve been at Texas School, learning how to provide even better service to my high school seniors!

It’s been crazy-busy, but oh-so-great!

My brain is full to the brim!!

Please check back this week for an idea of what I’ve been up to…

Have a great day!



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Christa, I’m thinking your photo session might just be my most favorite, so far!

And, I’ve loved the others, believe-you-me.

Thanks for allowing me the chance to show others who you are: a beautiful, strong, faithful, athletic, flower-loving young woman.

You’re FIERCE, Christa!



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I describe Andrew as a gentle giant.

Underneath that tall Offensive Lineman’s body is a kind, gentle, loving young man.

(But, I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of him in a football jersey and helmet….!!)

What a joy it was to photograph Andrew!



I’m a little biased.

I’ve known Alex since he was but a wee baby.

(He’s been friends with my oldest son for as long as they’ve been alive.)

So, to say I like this kid, well, that would be an understatement.


Thanks, Alex! You made my job easy!!


Drew holds a special place in my heart because he is a close friend to my oldest son.

They have played baseball together for years, now.  Both of them middle in-fielders.

I could go on and on about how smart Drew is, how polite, how kind, how just plain good the kid is… He’s a keeper.

Suffice it to say, I adore this young man!


Here’s a little sneak peek at Kelsey L.!

Senior 2012.



A little on the goofy side.

My kind of girl!


Hey 2012 Seniors!

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I had to share this video of the Falconer Family photo session…

Such a precious family!

Their session was back in May, but it still makes me smile.


(Click on HD in the upper right corner to watch in High Def.)



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Are you having a SENIOR MOMENT?


Well, you should be!!  ‘Cuz Senior Moments are FUN!


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Water Babies

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What a precious family!

Thank you, Allison and Chris, for sharing your beautiful family with me.

Blessings.  All three of them.

It was an honor,


Senior Moment: Tyler G.

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Is it okay for me to say I am terribly impressed with this young man?

He started on the Offensive Line for the Chargers’ Varsity football team, he’s about to be honored with the title of Eagle Scout, he’s going on to play football in college, plus, he’s just an all-around nice person!

There’s a little sneak peek at Tyler.  I wish you could meet him in person.  You would be impressed, as well.

I hope to have more of Tyler, soon.


Senior Moment: Jaycob

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Meet Jaycob:

I am still working on his portraits, but I at least wanted you to meet him.

He’s a great kid.  (Actually, a great young man.)

Thanks, Jaycob!  I had a great time hanging out with you!

More on Jaycob, soon.


Lauren and I have a lot in common.

She was this year’s Homecoming Queen.  She loves the water.  She’s athletic.

And, she wants to be an actress.

I knew I liked Lauren the moment we met.

She’s a beautiful young lady, both inside and out.

More from Lauren, soon.


He’s smart.  He’s funny.  He’s a drummer.  He’s my friend’s son.

He’s a Senior!

You’ll be seeing more of Kyle.  I have a little something up my sleeve….

More soon,


It’s those eyes.

He’s just so stinkin’ handsome, no?

Alex is more than just good looking, though. He’s an athlete, he’s kind, polite, and he has a great future ahead of him.

(I’m looking forward to finding out where he’ll be playing baseball in college next year. Maybe I’ll be able to take more action shots of him!)

Thanks, Alex!  You made my job quite enjoyable and easy!!